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A team of full stack data scientists, engineers, and app developers.

Stop searching for that elusive Data Scientist. We have the skills and experience to tackle your toughest data problems at scale and bring business acumen to your data-driven initiatives.

Machine Learning Development

We design and implement custom machine learning solutions and algorithms to make your products and operations smarter.

Data Science & Analytics

Leverage your data to tackle your most challenging problems with structured or unstructured data, big and small.

App Development

We work with companies of all sizes to build web apps integrated with predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms, and big data.


Arctan Analytics designed, crafted and implemented our recommendation algorithm in no time! Strong business acumen and amazingly efficient.

Vincent Maillard CEO and co-founder of Blonk.

If your business is to succeed in a highly connected world, you must learn to leverage those connections for all they’re worth – but you’ll need the right technology. Graphs put data relationships at the center and give a cohesive picture of your big data, including the connections between elements.



Linkurious is an on-premise (for now) graph visualization and analysis software that helps uncover hidden threats and opportunities from anti-money laundering to cyber-security. Linkurious can connect to graph databases from multiple vendors (Neo4j, DataStax, and AllegroGraph).

  • Written in: Javascript, Node.js
  • Operating system: Linus, Windows, Mac OS X
  • License: Commercial
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Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first-class entities, helping enterprises build intelligent applications to meet today’s evolving data challenges.

  • Written in: Java
  • Operating system: Cross-platform
  • License: Dual-licensed: GPLv3 and AGPLv3 / commercial
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